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Certified Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Educator

Kiniesha Hawkins has devoted over a decade to helping individuals access mental health resources as well as create a life they love and desire. She is the President and CEO of UGIRL, LLC (UCAN) a youth leadership program designed to develop young boys and girls into strong, confident men and women through education and exposure to a broader realm of opportunity and the founder of Queens Can Conquer, a holistic and integrated coaching program for young women designed to initiate, manage, and sustain fundamental change along with creating the happiness they deserve and desire.


Due to Kiniesha's own story, she understands the plight of building a successful career and business, yet beneath it, all consumed with anxiety and stress as she is constantly pushed to do more and more. She uses her voice to help young adults find balance and be the best versions of themselves early in life. She’s devoted to being the light she needed as a young adult.

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“Kiniesha really helped me analyze and plan how to work through my personal road blocks. So much of how I was raised has effected how I make decisions in life and love. She really helped me to understand what I needed to fix in order to get out of my own way."


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